Contents Vol. I No. 2

Introducing Dime Pulp Number Two

In the second issue of Dime Pulp, The Serial Fiction Magazine, The Last Resort continues with the adventures of Lee Malone, former super model now small town newspaper reporter, a regular, backwoods Brenda Starr, as she finds her first body (not counting the Airedale). The second part of Long Shot in Helena Baron-Murdock’s Hard Boiled Myths series concludes with Weston County Sheriff Detective Jim Donovan on the carpet again. A Detective Story’s Lackland Ask, after being dupped once again, this time by a not so pretty face, is bent on murderous revenge. A new talent to the writing team, “Patton D’Arque is a pseudonym if there ever was one, in real life an aspiring screenwriter who has cleverly given himself a kind of bunraku cameo in his two part story about a couple of dangerous and grumpy old men, an ex-cop and an ex-bounty hunter, looking for their former girlfriend ex-wife who has Gone Missing.

In the first issue Dime Pulp presented the initial installments in the serialization of two full length novels, The Last Resort and A Detective Story, as well as a short story from the series of tales under the rubric of Hard Boiled Myths. As was often done in the days of yore, the writers appear under pseudonyms. “Colin Deerwood,” the author of A Detective Story, is an amateur historian who claims to have been inspired to write his period piece after contemplating the cover of an issue of Black Mask Magazine. “Helena Baron-Murdock,” under her own name is a scholar of comparative religions and myth and is the creator of Sheriff’s Detective Jim Donovan of the Hard Boiled Myths short story series. The Last Resort, A Lee Malone Adventure, by poet and publisher Pat Nolan (not a pseudonym but in Nolan’s estimation, he is obscure enough not to need one) was written to upend the stereotypical image of the hard boiled crime sleuth. The Last Resort was originally published by Nualláin House, Publishers, in 2012—it is serialized here for the first time.

While the primary focus will be on crime fiction, Dime Pulp hopes to also include Western and Steam Punk anachronism, and other popular fictional fare of a speculative nature. (By now you should have skipped down to the actual contents). Dime Pulp anticipates to publish as a monthly serial fiction magazine but should the workload prove too ambitious for the editorial staff (of one), the schedule will be adjusted to post as quarterly issues.

If you’ve made it this far, go ahead and follow the links below to reading entertainment with the serial contents of Volume One, Number Two.

  —Perry O’Dickle, chief scribe
and word accountant

The Last Resort A Lee Malone Adventure

Deep in the redwood wilds along the Corkscrew River, someone is shooting neighborhood dogs. The year is 1985 and Lee Malone, former fashion model, queen of the runways from Paris to Milan, once dubbed the most beautiful woman in the world, now a part-time reporter for The Corkscrew County Grapevine, is looking for a story to sink her teeth into. When Lee finds the owner of Kelly’s Seaside Resort brutally murdered, it leads her on an adventure that includes a mysterious gray van, another murder, extortion, pornography, sex slavery, and a shadowy organization of militant feminists known as SAPHO.  In the process, Lee Malone’s notorious past catches up with her.  A rollicking imaginative romp in the neo-pulp hard boiled genre, THE LAST RESORT is told with the succinct directness of a Hammett, the witty hyperbole and lush locales of a Chandler as well as a sly nod to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys adventures.

The Last Resort, Chapters 1-3 The Last Resort, Chapters 4-6

Hard Boiled Myths
Crime Fiction With A Classical Twist

Greek myth is rife with murder, mutilation, cannibalism, mayhem, and the ever popular incest.  Weston County Sheriff’s Detective Jim Donovan of the Violent Crimes Unit wouldn’t know a Greek myth from a Greek salad, but if he did he would find some troubling similarities to the cases he’s investigating.   

Long Shot I Long Shot II

A Detective Story

Lackland Ask is the name.  ‘Lack’ to my friends, ‘Don’t’ to those who think they’re funny. You might have seen my portrait on the cover of Black Mask, the crime friction magazine. This is my story.  It starts with a blonde.  This kind of story always starts with a blonde.
The brownstone was on the Westside and easy enough to find. So was the mug’s yellow roadster. It stuck out like a new shoe in a cobbler’s shop. I was being a sap again.

This kind of story always starts with a blonde
“I was being a sap again.”

Gone Missing

When you think of “grumpy old men” you don’t usually think of an ex-cop and an ex-bounty hunter answering a call for help from their step-daughter “niece” to look for her mother, their ex-wife former girlfriend, who has mysteriously disappeared.

Gone Missing I

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