Dime Pulp Yearbook 21

Deep in the redwood wilds along the Corkscrew River, someone is shooting neighborhood dogs. The year is 1985 and Lee Malone, former fashion model, queen of the runways from Paris to Milan, once dubbed the most beautiful woman in the world, now a part-time reporter for The Corkscrew County Grapevine, is looking for a story to sink her teeth into. When Lee finds the owner of Kelly’s Seaside Resort brutally murdered, it leads her on an adventure that includes a mysterious gray van, another murder, extortion, pornography, sex slavery, and a shadowy organization of militant feminists known as SAPHO. In the process, Lee Malone’s notorious past catches up with her.

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Crime fiction with a Classical twist.
Greek myth is rife with murder, mutilation, cannibalism, mayhem, and the ever popular incest.  Weston County Sheriff’s Detective Jim Donovan of the Violent Crimes Unit wouldn’t know a Greek myth from a Greek salad, but if he did he would find some troubling similarities to the cases he’s investigating.

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Hard Boiled Myth short stories 

Notification of Kin (The Death of Hippolytus)
Long Shot (The Death of Hercules)
Valentine’s Day (The Death of Penelope’s Suitors)
The White Room (The Fall of Icarus)

It’s early in the year 1940 and Lackland Ask, Confidential Maters Investigated, can’t buy a break. He’s left for dead in a country roadside ditch by the mobster who hired him to find his runaway daughter. Intent on getting his revenge, he winds up in the East River. Rescued by a tugboat captain named Annie, he realizes that he is in possession of information valuable to the right person if he can only decipher it. Someone else is on his tail and it’s not Mister K and his minions. And then there’s the matter of the uncut diamonds and the bombmaker’s daughter. Mobsters, sinister Oriental cults, international saboteurs, the cops, G-Men, Better Than Dead is an infinite regress of cliffhangers and saucy repartee. Don’t miss a word.

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Better Than Dead 21

When you think of “grumpy old men” you don’t usually think of an ex-cop and an ex-bounty hunter answering a call for help from their step-daughter “niece” to look for her mother, their ex-wife former girlfriend, who has mysteriously disappeared. When delving into the past, some things are best left missing.

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Gone Missing

In his occasional crime fiction column, Dropping A Dime, Perry O’Dickle holds forth a learned discourse on the art of pulp fiction as depicted in the novella and using illustrations from recently published and republished titles from Hard Case Crime and Mysterious Press and illustrated by the crime novels of Max Allan Collins (Double Down, Two For The Money, Skim Deep), Stephen Hunter (Basil’s War) and Daniel Pyne’s Catalina Eddy, A Novel in Three Decades from Blue Rider Press. Perry has an opinion about pulp and he’s not shy about sharing it. You might not agree.

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